“Be truly bold for change and seek out opportunities for discovery and growth! It’s uncomfortable, but whatever we look for in our lives we find! It is precisely what I did when I came to Australia and the reward is endless and keeps coming!

What I know today as a proud woman leader is the incredible opportunities and resources in Australia and how many Australians are willing and supportive of individuals who are ready to grab these opportunities. I love Australia and I feel reborn in this country! My experiences of integration has shown me how important and valuable the support of the diversity in our communities are and how this can enrich our lives.
Reaching out to each other strengths our trust and our connections and allows us to take risks and seize opportunities – we live in a constantly ever changing world, it is therefore imperative that we are ready to adopt these changes. We need women Leadership more than ever before and it has to start at the community level, and I also believe more than ever that women have to play a big part in this role. “A decade earlier a woman like me or so I thought could not speak and raise her voice, it was not socially uncommon in my culture.  And today I stand tall with my voice, creating awareness, advocacy and abundance for my communities, both ethnic and adopted. And as diverse communities coexisting together we’ve to start working on people’s rights, which means women are a big part of it!
Reflecting on my experience I don’t think we need conflicts as big as genocides and catastrophes of mass killings and millions of refugees being displaced in the world for us to be bold for change, and although we are in this reality now, we can choose to stand bold together, move forward with courage and face this changing world to create a dignified existence for ourselves and our world!
A very BIG thank you to the city of Kingston and city of  GlenEira for making me a part of their incredible events for International Women’s Day today!